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I love writing, and I really love it when what I write is read by people who love interacting with me!  Below you’ll find a handful of my most popular posts (well, if you’ve got a seven-fingered hand!). So, go grab your favorite beverage and spend some time with me. We’ll both be better for it!

The dark side of Easter


For many, Easter doesn’t have a dark side. But for me? Well, let’s just say that I was introduced to the dark side of Easter a mere 7 months after we planted The Gathering, the church which I founded and pastor. And like most bad relationships, my meeting with the dark side took place online as I scrolled through my Twitter feed just a few hours after we’d turned out the lights and locked the door on our first Resurrection Sunday. It started innocently enough. We had just set...

Everyone can do something for someone


As I finished my last training run yesterday, it hit me… I’m done. Sure, there’s the small detail of actually running 50 miles on Saturday, but as far as getting ready for the biggest run of my life, there’s not a single thing left to do. I’ve run almost 600 miles over the last several months. I’ve posted countless updates on social media. I’ve tagged numerous news outlets (hopefully it has increased the traffic for WBTV, WSOC, WCNC, FOX News, Fox...

The genius of Jesus


Sometimes, questions fly through my head and won’t leave.  Questions like “How could the Carolina Panthers play their worst game of the season during the biggest game of the season?” and “How does a major presidential campaign not ensure that they’ve locked up all the domains with their candidate’s name in them (see to learn more – OOPS!!)?”  Important questions for sure, but this post is the result of another question that popped...

I met this girl on the streets of Delhi, and you won’t believe what it did to me.


Ever since I announced that I’m going to be running 50 miles on my 50th birthday to set 50 women free from human trafficking, I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks. Most of them have come from the face in the mirror. What am I doing?  Have I lost my mind? (Please keep your answers to those questions to yourself.) But without a doubt, the one question I’ve been asked the most is simply, “why?” The answer to that question started in 2011, but wasn’t fully...

The one thing that will help you win in 2016

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 1:  Women take a selfie to celebrate ringing in the new year in Times Square on January 1, 2016 in New York City. The New York City Police Department deployed more than 6,000 officers in the Times Square area, including more than 1,100 officers who graduated from the police academy on Tuesday.  (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

As I scrolled through my social media feeds this morning, I saw post after post all saying the same thing. Some used words, others let the pictures do the talking, but almost all of them had the same message – “Happy New Year!” – and most of them were, well, happy. There were a few outliers, some pictures taken of people who were sound asleep on couches and chairs after fighting valiantly (and losing) to see the new year, but the people who took the selfies next to...