Hey!  I’m so glad you found me, and I’m honored to have you reading things I write.

A little about me

I’m the Lead Pastor at The Gathering, and I am passionate about seeing people experience the life that comes from being in close relationships with God and others.

After just over 2 decades ministering in churches as a youth pastor and worship leader, I  spent 5 years on the road speaking in churches, universities, and other venues. It was during this time that God began to form a hunger in me to see what would happen if a body of passionate followers of Christ really began to serve the hurting in a local setting. The Gathering seeks to be that body.

I am the author of 2 books, the father of 3 children – Parker, Will, and Sydney – and the husband of one wife, Wendy. I love running, reading, the NFL (Panthers!!), and drinking Starbucks coffee while spending time on a myriad of Apple products.

I also love to laugh – a lot! – and as a huge fan of Seinfeld, nothing makes me laugh harder than this clip.

A little about this blog

I’ve kind of got a love/hate relationship with writing, whether in my journal or on my blog.  I love doing it but often hate the discipline it takes to do it, but when I stop, I hate that even more.  And so this blog is kind of my public “line in the sand” manifesto that I WILL WRITE.  It’s been kind of sporadic through the years, but at the beginning of 2014 I committed myself to posting to the blog once a week on Thursdays.  As I establish more and more of a rhythm in my writing, I may add another day, but so far once is good for me.

My writing will always involve the following themes because they have become so deeply ingrained in who I am: faith, family, overcoming difficult circumstances and pop culture.  My favorite posts find a way to weave a lot of that together in a way that most everyone can relate to and be encouraged by.

So, thanks for hopping on board.  I’ve listed a few of my most popular posts below for you (and some of my favorite ones, too).  Let’s just call it…

A little sampler

Most viewed:

  1. Furtick, Elevation, and why most of us probably just need to shut up
  2. Why I Almost Killed Somebody When I Cleaned my Coffee Maker
  3. The God Who went too far
  4. Sydney and Light Switches
  5. The world may love homosexuality, but God loves homosexuals
  6. What Steve Smith can teach you about money
  7. Are you aware of or afraid of the crowd
  8. Why I Love Chick Flicks
  9. Duck Dynasty and the exclusivity of the Gospel
  10. How Katy Perry can make us better Christians

My faves:

  1. 10 years. 2 people. 1 amazing story.
  2. The day that changed my life forever
  3. Tubing with Lady GaGa
  4. The Bone Whisperer
  5. Ten years ago, I preached this at my brother’s funeral
  6. The man who said “Ice up, son!” long before Steve Smith
  7. God doesn’t care how you feel
  8. 4 reasons why the New Year won’t lead to a new you
  9. Hiding from 4 year-old ghosts
  10. NASCAR, Traffic Jams, and Heaven

Again, thanks for reading.  This journey we’re all on is a whole lot better when we walk it together, and I’m honored if this blog becomes a part of your journey, too.


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