Books I read in 2016

I didn’t read as many as I normally would have, but this list is full of some impressive titles that you would learn a lot from.

  1. Gaining by Losing, by J.D. Greear
  2. Born to Reproduce, by Dawson E. Trotman
  3. Dangerous Prayers, by Alex Anderson
  4. I Will!, by Thom Rainer
  5. The Parish Nurse, by Granger Westberg
  6. The HD Leader, by Derwin Gray
  7. I Was Broke, Now I’m Not, by Joseph Sangl
  8. Front Row Leadership, by Rob Ketterling
  9. Thriving in Babylon, by Larry Osborne
  10. Creature of the Word, by Matt Chandler
  11. H3 Leadership, by Brad Lomenick
  12. Lasting Impact, by Carey Nieuwhof
  13. The Life You’ve Always Wanted, by John Ortberg

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