Every now and then someone comes along saying the things we’ve been thinking but weren’t sure we could say. That’s exactly what Paul Jenkins has done in EVOTIONS: God is My Air Traffic Controller. From the NFL draft to Starbucks®, from Google® to gunk, Paul offers a unique spin on the things that all of us experience everyday. Through the highs of his children growing and the lows of his mother and brother dying, Paul invites you to be a part of his life in the hope that you will invite God to be a bit more involved in yours.


Some books are boring and filled with useless topics, but not this one! In the second volume of his witty and well-loved Evotions, Paul Jenkins dares to answer questions that most of us wrestle with every day. What’s a dunkle? Why are Gameboys® called Gameboys®? How long can a person really live after being stung by an Australian Sea Wasp? Never one to back down from the hard issues, Paul tackles these questions head-on and uncovers truths that most people would never see because they’re too worried about the world’s growing bug population. Of course, Paul’s got an answer for that, too!

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