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I get asked what I’m reading a lot, and over the years I’ve tried a couple of times to average reading a book a week.  I still haven’t.  But what I have done is learn a ton and grow even more, because something happens when you read.

For those who are interested, this page will list the books I have read during the current year.  If I’ve reviewed a book, there will be a link to it.  Otherwise, I’ve linked the books to Amazon for your convenience if you see one that interests you.  I have also linked to previous years.  Tons of good books are there!

One last note: the best books are found in the Bible, and the best leaders will make that a regular part of their reading diet.

PAST YEARS: 2017 | 201620152014 | 2011 | 2008

  1. Switch On Your Brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  2. Covens in the Church, by John Burton
  3. Fasting, by Jentezen Franklin
  4. How’s Your Soul?, by Judah Smith
  5. Called to Reign, by Leif Hetland
  6. Poverty, Riches and Wealth, by Kris Vallotton
  7. How to Fast Successfully, by Derek Prince

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