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I get asked what I’m reading a lot, and over the years I’ve tried a couple of times to average reading a book a week.  I still haven’t.  But what I have done is learn a ton and grow even more, because something happens when you read.

For those who are interested, this page will list the books I have read during the current year.  If I’ve reviewed a book, there will be a link to it.  Otherwise, I’ve linked the books to Amazon for your convenience if you see one that interests you.  I have also linked to previous years.  Tons of good books are in these pages!

One last note: the best books are found in the Bible, and the best leaders will make that a regular part of their reading diet.

PAST YEARS: 201620152014 | 2011 | 2008

  1. Spirit Wars, by Kris Vallotton
  2. Above the Line, by Urban Meyer

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